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Vintage 1900s Gaucho Facon Antique Solingen knife Haering. Deer & Buffalo Horn

Knife made from old table knife blades. End of 19th century beginning of 20th century
Facon Belt/Boot knife is widely used in Argentina to eat roasts.
Good edge, light, exclusive, unique.
Knife blades 4.5" inches long. Total 8.5" inches. Eugen Haering, Solingen. Germany
Handle: Buffalo horn. BrassAxis deer horn. Brass. Buffalo horn.
Leather case. Mint Vintage Condition.
The Facon is the national knife of Argentina where the Gauchos made it famous
It"s large and simply shaped blade proved ideal for everything from dispatching game and livestock
to repairing tack and saddles to cooking and eating the evening meal. 
With a blade that resembles an oversized chef knife the Facon
can trace its roots back to the 14th century where it was widely used 
and carried by just about everyone, 
from peasant and serf all the way up to the landed nobility.
With Original brown leather sheath
Must have for all outdoorsmen and rare knife collector
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