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**SOLD**Ray-Ban USA Vintage NOS B&L Aviator ACE-30 Purple Chromax Sport S New Sunglasses

*New Ray-Ban by Bausch & Lomb Aviator Purple *Chromax Sport Series General
*NOS ACE-30 CM Sport 58mm Purple Lenses & 24k GP "General" frame 
1980/90s Vintage Sunglasses & 100% Genuine Leather *Chromax Sport Series Case and Papers
*New Old Stock Never Used
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These Chromax Sport Aviators "General" are Unique,
No others found for sale on ebay or the wwweb!!
 General frame with the Nylon sweat bar
No wear on the frame or Lenses, Perfect & Flawless!!
B&L Ray-Ban U.S.A. on top of crossbar 58[]14 under
BL laser etched on the ACE-30 CM Purple lenses by the hinges
White Ray-Ban Lightning Bolt logo over right lens, only used on the Chromax lenses
B&L RB Black 100% Leather Sport Series cloth, case & papers are included, light wear
When worn, the View is Amazing, they Look and Feel Fabulous!
The ACE-30 CM lens for golfing and all sports, accentuates greens, blues and reds.
Contours on the course stand out so it's easier to read greens and survey fairways.
The ACE-30 lens light transmittance of 30% is an ideal level for cutting golf course glare while maintaining depth perception.
They are treated with an anti-reflection coating to minimize distracting reflections from the rear of the lenses.
Consequently, they are tough, sturdy and ideal for sports such as golf and tennis.
Please view all photos with the magnifier for a precise and accurate description
Note: Lenses reflect the foam the sunglasses rest on
100% Guaranteed 100% Authentic No Fakes! No Way!!
Details of authenticity available on request
Retail Price: $1095
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